Karen Hammond – Artist

Karen Hammond – Artist

Karen Hammond – Local Artist in Titchfield, Hampshire.

I moved to Hampshire 12 years ago for the love of the sea and a man. I attended a part time painting course at local college and then classes/workshops with various local artists and I am currently a member of a local weekly art group.

My inspiration comes from a love of sea, going sailing, coastal and country walks around the Solent area with my boisterous, friendly Spaniel Bosun who is also my occasional muse and inspiration for BosunsDogaLog.

Please visit my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BosunsDogalog/

I produce Paintings, Sketches and Cards, mainly of boats, seaside and dogs and would be pleased to hear form anyone about commissions – especially boat, sea or dog subject matters.

I work mainly in Pen & watercolour washes (great for producing quick works on board our sailing boat) and Acrylics (when at home). I am currently experimenting in some brighter bolder pen & watercolour washes of more diverse subject matters and hoping to get more into oil painting after attending a recent oil painting workshop.