2015 Art & Craft Show countdown

Let the countdown commence…

5 days to go…

As the countdown begins with only a few days left to go before we open our doors to the Titchfield Art & Craft Show 2015 for the preview evening on Friday 24th April at 7pm we are starting to get the main hall at Titchfield Community Centre ready for the exhibition.  Today, Sunday 19th April, we have installed the first of the display boards we use for displaying the art work.  They are mounted on the walls around the community centre main hall prior to the initial show set up as they do not interfere with the use of the hall, and it takes a bit of pressure off on Thursday/Friday this week getting everything else set up.

The rest of the week is also going to be a full one.

  • There are Catalogues to collect from our Printers, the fantastic Quay Graphic Ltd, who have been printing our catalogue for several years now
  • Preview Evening Tickets to sell
  • Posters to put up
  • Sign to install
  • Artwork to be collected
  • Nibbles and refreshments to be arranged/baked for the preview evening

We will keep you up to date with our progress this week in the run up to the show and we are very much looking forward to welcoming the Artists, Crafters and visitors alike to the Titchfield Art & Craft Show 2015.

Mark Pearce, Chairman.