What are the Terms and Conditions for Entry?

The following are our terms and conditions of entry for the exhibition :

  • Correctly completed Entry Forms will be accepted on a first come first served basis, and must be returned by post or email with the appropriate payment to arrive by the date indicated on the Application Form download page.
  • All pictures to be exhibited must be original. No prints are accepted into the main exhibition. We will accept Prints in the portfolio section providing they have been marked as such on the application form.
  • Dimensions provided must be accurate, given in centimeters and represent the picture when hung (ie portrait or landscape) including any frame. We reserve the right to not accept pictures that are larger than the size stated on the application form when they are dropped off.
  • All pictures must have D-rings or eyelets on the back, with suitable cord/wire for hanging.
  • Textured pictures will only be accepted if they are either framed or mounted on canvas block and have D-rings or eyelets fixed on the back, with suitable cord/wire for hanging.
  • Work that has previously been exhibited at our Show will not be accepted.
  • All entries must be for sale at the Show.
  • A commission of 25% will be taken on all sales.

We are unable to accept entries that do not comply with the above, so please make sure you have read and complied.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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