How does the Application Process work?

The application process for the show works as follows :

  • Applications to exhibit Art, Digital Art & Photography open in February.  At this point the closing date for Applications is advertised.
  • The Application Form is available to download from our website.
  • Print off and fill in the application form and send it to the address provided on the form with your cheque or alternatively you may email your application form using the button provided at the bottom of the application form and send payment by bank transfer.
  • Applications will be accepted up until the Closing date, or until we are full, whichever occurs sooner.
  • If you have provided your email address with your application you will receive an email confirming receipt and acceptance of your application.

When you drop off your work to the show, on the date/time that you indicated on the application form, you will be given any preview evening tickets that you have ordered and will also be told if you have been selected to help with Stewarding (If you indicated that you would be available to help on the application form).

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