Art & Photography application form help notes.

Use this Help sheet to fill in the Application Form for Artists/Photographers entry to the Titchfield Art & Craft Show.

Note 1

  • Fill in your personal details, the First Name and Surname is used as the payee name on the cheque if any of your work is sold during the show.
  • If you are known by a different name as an Artist please enter it in the “Name for Catalogue” field.  This will be the name printed in the catalogue and on the labels for your work.
  • To receive a confirmation that your application has been received and accepted into the show please fill in your Email address.

Note 2

  • Enter the quantity and total for each type of work you would like to exhibit.
    For large framed pictures you can enter up to 3 pictures, costing £2.00 each.
    For Framed Miniatures you can enter up to 6 pictures, costing £1.00 each.
    For Portfolios you can enter up to 6 pictures, costing £1.00 each.
  • Greetings Cards* may be sold, you will be able to have a maximum of 25 cards on the card display, and we request that you price your cards in multiples of £1.00 to assist with minimising the amount of change required and try to keep them all the same price.
  • If you wish to order your preview tickets you can do so here, and these will be provided when you drop off your artwork for hanging.
  • If you wish to have a website profile put up on our website, and also advertised in Social Media we can do this for you.  It is a great way to let people know that you are exhibiting at the show.

Note 3

Please let us know the day that you will be dropping off your pictures to us at Titchfield Community Centre.

Note 4

If you are available during the course of the show to help with stewarding please let us know by marking the days/times that you can be available.  We require at least 4 stewards per session to keep an eye on the visitors to the show and help with any questions that they may have.  We will let you know when you drop off your pictures if you have been allocated a stewarding slot for the show (or if you have provided us with an email address you will be notified by email closer to the date of the show).

Notes 5 – Framed pictures

We will provide labels for your work, you do not need to put your details on the piece of work itself.

Please enter the details for the pictures that you would like to enter into the show.

  • Artwork that is to be hung should be no larger than 70cm (approx 27″) x 50cm (approx 20″)
  • For Photographs the Medium should be indicated as “Photograph”
  • For Digital Art the Medium should be indicated as “Digital”

Note 6 – Minatures

We will provide labels for your work, you do not need to put your details on the piece of work itself.

  • Miniatures should be no larger than 15cm (approx 6”) x 11cm (approx 4.5”)

Note 7 – Portfolios

We will provide labels for your work, you do not need to put your details on the piece of work itself.

  • Portfolios should be no longer than 50cm (approx 20″) on one side.
  • If the portfolio is a print this must be indicated by ticking the box marked Print
  • Prints will be marked as such and displayed in a separate part of the show along with the greetings cards.

We are able to accept a limited number larger pieces of art by special request but we are very limited due to space and demand. If you wish to exhibit work larger than the sizes above there will be an extra charge of £2.00 and we may ask that you do not enter the full 3 pieces of work into the exhibition to make it fair for everyone that wants to enter the exhibition.  Please contact us using the contact form for further information.

* There is a one off charge for greeting cards no commission is taken on the sale of cards.

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